Looking back, looking forward

So, farewell, 2011.  We’re all another year older, if not richer.  And welcome, 2012. 

These are the days of our life, running through the hourglass, never to be seen again.  Let us use them wisely.

Looking back, what did 2011 mean to me?  In no particular order, here are some memories.

It was the year in which the Eusebius book was completed, and put on sale, and proved to be a success.

It was the year in which I attended the Oxford Patristic Conference, and sold a few copies of the book and met a good number of nice people and attended some interesting papers.  The sunlight in Oxford remains with me now.

It was the year in which I discovered Ibn Abi Usaibia, obtained an English translation, and put it online.

It was the year in which I went down to Cornwall in the UK and had some lovely sunny days at idyllic little ports like Mevagissey.

What will 2012 bring?

I cannot say.

I have plans for a trip to Iceland.  I intend to see some friends on Friday that I have not seen in 30 years.  I hope to publish the Origen book.  But much of the year will inevitably taken up with doing the everyday things that Adam’s curse brings on us all. 

We all need to store up good things in our soul, sunshine against the cold times.  Nothing will happen unless we make it happen.  It doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money.  It means taking the time to do what matters.


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