Augustine and Secundinus the Manichaean – works now online in English

Mark Vermes published translations of the Letter of Secundinus the Manichaean to Augustine and Augustine’s reply Against Secundinus, as part of his thesis in 1997.  The first item was then republished in Sam Lieu and Iain Gardner’s book on Manichaean texts in 2004; the second remains unpublished.

Dr Vermes has very kindly made it possible for both items to appear here.

I would like to thank Dr Sam Lieu very much for his help: he kindly obtained the permission necessary from Cambridge University Press for the Letter to be included.

The items remain the copyright of CUP and Dr Vermes respectively, which is why I have not included them in my collection of public domain material here.  If you would like to support the commissioning of more public domain material, there is a CDROM of the Fathers and Additional Fathers collection available from here.  All funds from sales go to pay for translating things, and sales have been a little low lately, so I hope no-one will mind my mentioning it!

UPDATE: I was wondering where else I might usefully announce the availability of new material in translation online.  Does anyone have any suggestions?


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  1. I’d recommend getting involved with this ‘Biblioblog Carnival’ that they have every month. This month it is at Jim West’s blog. I will try to think of something better.

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