Acts of ps.Linus now online

The English translation that I commissioned of the 4th century fictional Acts of ps.Linus is now online in PDF form.  It can be found here:

I’m making the item public domain; do with it whatever you like, personal, educational or commercial.

I will create an HTML version in due course, but at the moment I have no time.  The PDF is just created from the Word .docx files that the translator sent me.

As ever, we all owe a debt of gratitude to Andrew Eastbourne for the quality effort that he made on this.


7 thoughts on “Acts of ps.Linus now online

  1. Thank you Roger for providing this and making it available for the world.

  2. Very glad to help. But the real thanks go to Mark Vermes for translating it and to Sam Lieu and Mark for sorting out the permissions between them!

  3. Would it be possible to submit a copy to the British Library and/or your alma mater? I spend my days looking through material only 100 years old and it’s a daily frustration when I see that small publications were missed and no longer exist.

  4. An interesting point. I deeply loathe the British Library, and I don’t have a higher opinion of Merton College either. But your point is a good one; when these items go to electronic nothingness, where will copies be accessible? I will consider creating a publication of some sort, solely for this purpose.

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