From my diary

I have updated the page of PDF’s of Migne’s Patrologia Graeca again.  I’ve added summary contents for each volume as far as volume 100.  That’s enough for the moment.  We’re already well into the iconoclast period, and the number of interesting works is diminishing very quickly. 

The contents information is a little quirky.  It isn’t possible, in the format on that page, to have a straight copy of Migne’s table of contents, useful though that would be.  The quantity of entries would drown the collection of links, which is the main purpose of the page.  Rather I have to abbreviate.  I have done my best, leaving writers whose output appears to be a single ascetical letter or a bunch of sermons or the like as just their name, and highlighting material of possible interest (at least to me).  I hope the information is useful and, as ever, provokes people to browse.


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