Latin translations by Anianus of Celeda of the Greek fathers in electronic form

Chris Nighman writes:

A few weeks ago I uploaded digital transcriptions of Anianus’ Preface to his translations of Chrysostom’s Homilies 1-25 on the Gospel of Matthew and also the texts of Homilies 1-8 from Migne’s PG 58, 975-1058, onto the PGL Project website here.

Today I uploaded digital transcriptions of Anianus’ translations of Chrysostom’s homilies 9-15 on Matthew from the edition princeps published in 1503 at Venice on the PGL project website (

If I can secure another internal grant to complete this transcription project, homilies 16-25 will follow sometime in the new year. Keep your fingers crossed…

This is an unusual project, and all the more valuable for it.  We tend to ignore the Latin translations of works by Chrysostom, and Anianus of Celeda is not a figure with whom most of us are familiar.  Yet his work is very early, and very informative on the early circulation of Chrysostom’s works.

And what a blessing to have this in electronic form!

I’d like to get translations of Anianus’ prefaces into English.


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  1. There is a critical edition of Anianus’ letter to Orontius (i.e. the preface to his translation of Chrysostom’s homilies 1-25 on Matthew) by Adolf Primmer published in 1972. He found two very different versions in the manuscript tradition, one of which is presumably the original which smacks of the Pelagian heresy and one of which is a sanatized Catholic version from the 12th century. The latter is the version in the 1503 Venice edition and Migne’s edition in the PG. Primmer’s article is cited by Bonfiglio (see references in two of my previous posts.

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