Finereader 11 – do not install!

I have just, this evening, finished adding manually italics to 40 pages of a scanned text in Finereader 11.  I export this to Word, and it doesn’t seem to contain my changes.  And … while I was fiddling with formatting on the very last page, and trying to export my work, it has silently erased all my formatting changes in the previous 39 pages as well!  I am unbelievably angry!  Days and days of work … silently deleted.

This product is not fit for use.  DO NOT BUY IT!

I hate Abbyy.  How can anyone ship such a piece of worthless junk as this?

UPDATE: I took a backup of my disk late afternoon.  I’ve lost all the work since 4:30.  18 pages of manual corrections, all hard on the eyes and the hands.  I really, really hate Abbyy.

UPDATE2: It has taken forever to scan 80 pages of stuff.  I think the problem has always, always been Abbyy Finereader 11.  The filters to export don’t work properly; and when you change settings, things happen which you don’t want and didn’t like.  I’m not sure what best to do, but I am quite sure that I have had enough of FR11.

UPDATE3: And I can’t even export the 22 pages of corrected stuff that I still have, without erasing all the formatting on every page other than the one displayed in the editor!

Am giving up.  I’ll export the page images out, and read them in again in FR10 and see if I can get better results.  And … don’t I have Omnipage around here somewhere?

So angry.

UPDATE4: And … I realise that all the italic text was garbage, and that I had to manually correct it.  And there is italics on every other ratted line.  I have to do days and days of work again!!!!!

So angry.  I want to hurt someone at Abbyy, really badly.  I want to stick a broken bottle up his backside and twist.  How dare they ship stuff this badly broken?!?

UPDATE5: OK … what happens if I go into the 22 page version and just do Ctrl-A, select all the contents, page by page, and paste them into Word?  Answer: word sees verse numbers and starts trying to assign automatic page numbers.  Grrrr!!!

Now trying Wordpad instead.

Two broken bottles up the backside of the CEO of Abbyy and twisting really hard.  I want to hear him scream like a damned soul.  You swine, how dare you put me through this?

Wordpad seems to work.  Setting FR11 so that the whole page is displayed before doing the Ctrl-A saves paging up and down, since Abbyy have also broken the next-page hot-key in FR11.

Well, it works more or less.  The Ctrl-A doesn’t include the * against footnotes at the bottom of each page.

UPDATE6: Well, I have rescued, more or less, my 22 pages in a .rtf file.  I am loathe ever to touch FR11 again.

UPDATE7: Looks like I have lost most of the italics in the first 40 pages as well!!!!

The trouble is, if you can only work at things for an hour or two here or there, you rely on the software to keep things straight.  In this case, I shall have to stop work tomorrow, and not look at this again for ages.  So … when I come back, will I even remember where I am?  And will I remember how the software has been biting me?


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