Official: Christians banned from operating adoption agencies in UK

It’s now official.  In Britain, you may not operate an adoption agency if you are a Christian.  That is, according to a doubtless carefully selected judge, the law.  The establishment have kept the story quiet, as well they might; but there is a report in the Daily Mail:

… a  four-year legal battle by the adoption  society Catholic Care against  equality laws making it place children with gay  couples. … Mr Justice  Sales rejected the claims of the Leeds-based agency.  His ruling means it will now abandon its  100-year-old adoption service, which found families for ten children every  year. …

Catholic Care said it will now be  forced to  close its adoption service. Ten other Catholic adoption  societies have already  stopped all their adoption work.

Labour’s Sexual Orientation Regulations came  into force in 2008 and became part of the Equality Act passed in  2010.

And why is this?  Because gay lobbyists insist that every adoption agency must provide boys to “gay couples” if they desire it, and the establishment has enacted laws that mean resisting this absurd and evil demand is “discrimination”.

The classic method of religious persecution is to demand of a religious group that they do something which the person demanding it knows is forbidden by their beliefs; and then discriminate against them when they refuse, by denying them various civil rights.

Well, Catholic Emancipation was nice while it lasted.  What was it?  150 years in which being a Catholic was not a bar to employment or running a business?  The charity has provided adoption services for nearly all that period, since 1865.  But no longer.

And how do those responsible report this?  Here’s the Huffington Post, in a gorgeous example of deliberate dishonesty.  The emphasis is mine.

Catholic Charity May Close Adoption Services Over Gay Couples Ruling

A Roman Catholic charity said it might close its adoption services after a tribunal ruled that it cannot refuse to help gay couples adopt.

Catholic Care, the care agency for the Diocese of Leeds, has already been told by the Charity Commission it cannot opt out of equality laws that force it to offer adoption services to homosexuals.

Following the ruling, it said: “Without the constitutional restriction for which it applied, Catholic Care will be forced to close its adoption service.

“In doing so, it will be joining many other faith-based adoption services that have been forced to close since 2008.

“The reason for this is that the services permitted by the current constitution are in conflict with the aims of the charity.

It is good that the charity has persisted with this case.  For it lays open the bigotry of the establishment, from the Charities Commission, which would rather leave children in orphanages than have Catholics find homes for them; to the corrupt judicial system which knows very well that freedom of conscience is a basic human right, yet finds against those who appeal to it; to the dishonest BBC, which does not even report on the story (as far as I can see); to the left-leaning blogs like Huffington Post that misrepresent the story; to the newspaper owners who follow the line; to the supposedly “alternative” TV stations like Al-Jazeera, which faithfully trot out the dishonest, blaming the victim for failing to conform.  I had not realised myself until tonight, I admit, that stations like RT and Al-Jazeera on UK television were also under the control of the same handful of evil people; but there can be no rational reason why a Moslem TV station would otherwise endorse this.

Let us, however, remember the scripture: bless those who persecute you.  For this world is nothing: eternity is what matters.  Let us look at other blessings that have accrued here, and how God has allowed this evil that good may come from it.

The difference between the church and the world is once again evident.  The gay lobbyists and their allies, in their rage, have caused Christians to witness their sincerity and self-sacrifice for Christ before the whole world.  The Catholic Church stands forth, before the eyes of the whole of the UK, as the true church, willing to be persecuted rather than conform to what is wrong.

The crude accusations that the gay lobbyists and their allies have told redound to the glory of their victims; for who needs to misrepresent the facts about criminals?  Rather, the misrepresentations show that the Christians are in the right; for those who are in the right can only be opposed by deceit and misrepresentation.  Let us then bless the gaystapo, as they have rightly been called, for their testimony to Christ.

Catholic Care have demonstrated, before the eyes of heaven and earth, that they serve only one God, Jesus Christ; and are faithful whatever the cost.

Well done, you good and faithful servants.

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