From my diary

I’ve continued to work on the transcription of Theodoret’s Commentary on Romans.  It seems like I have been working on this forever!

Last night I downloaded a copy of all the works of Synesius from Jona Lendering’s site,  Jona very kindly agreed, quite a long time ago now, to allow me to include these in the public domain collection of texts, but I never even acquired a copy of his pages on this.  At least I did that much!

I’ve also continued reading Daryn Lehoux’s book on Roman peg-calendars, which continues to be very clear and lucid.

In the 70’s and 80’s the “Restoration” movement set out to return churches to a New Testament model of organisation.  Their magazine, also called Restoration, was digitised recently into PDF’s and is available on CD for the rather large sum of nearly £30, including P&P.  A copy of this arrived this morning, but I haven’t yet looked into it.  I have already found, however, disclaimers by the movement leader, Bryn Jones, of the excesses of the “Shepherding” movement of the early 80’s.

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