From my diary

Roger Beck’s collection of essays, Beck on Mithraism, has arrived at my local library and I have taken possession of it.  It will be interesting to look at, although I find that it is difficult to concentrate on any project while I am working at full pressure in my day-job.

I’m still working through Manfred Clauss’ book on Mithras, but the same problem applies.

A review of the Eusebius book, Gospel Problems and Solutions, has appeared in Adamantius, who have kindly sent me a PDF of it.  It’s in Italian (which means that I have not read it yet) and by the excellent Christophe Guignard.

A translation of the remarks of John the Lydian on February, in his book On the Roman Months, is complete, has been paid for, and will appear here very soon now.  It is quite excellent and very interesting.  The work suffers from lacunae, at points where the manuscript was unreadable.  The edition in question appeared a century ago and I can’t help wondering what a modern UV photograph might reveal.

Meanwhile it looks as if we will be getting a translation of a short sermon by Severian of Gabala!


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