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I did a little more on the Mithras pages.  I was able to identify one of the images that I found online and create a CIMRM page for it.  The section in CIMRM on material from Alba Iulia is not very easy to work with, and I was reduced to looking through the limited number of illustrations in the same volume, just to find out which relief I was looking at.  There must have been several Mithraea at Alba Iulia, judging from the number of reliefs of Mithras killing the bull; yet none are mentioned in the CIMRM.  One was discovered in 2010.  There must have been others.

Still, it is impossible for a single amateur like myself to do more than scratch the surface of Mithraic archaeology.  I console myself by thinking that what I do is at least useful, as far as it goes.


3 thoughts on “From my diary

  1. I agree – please rest assured that what you do is very much appreciated, your Mithras site is already an absolute joy to browse through 🙂

  2. Thank you both for the encouragement. It’s fine, like walking along a precipice, so long as one doesn’t look down at the distance. It’s actually quite fun to look for images online, and then try and locate the monument in the CIMRM.

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