Leontius of Byzantium, Against the frauds of the Apollinarists – now online in English

The 6th century Chalcedonian theologian, Leontius of Byzantium, is most likely the author of a compilation of texts by the 4th century heretic, Apollinarius of Laodicea, entitled “Against the frauds of the Apollinarists”.  What was happening was that Monophysite polemicists were using these texts for anti-Chalcedon arguments.  The texts themselves were circulating under the names of respectable authors such as Pope Julius I or Gregory Nazianzen.  Leontius tracked down the original comments by Apollinarius and his disciples, and compiled a set of them, so that their ideas could be recognised.

Bryson Sewell has kindly translated it into English for us, from the text printed by Angelo Mai and reprinted in the Patrologia Graeca.

I have uploaded the translation to the Additional Fathers site here.  In addition I have uploaded a PDF of the translation (plus the word .doc file) to Archive.org here.

This translation is public domain.  Do whatever you like with it, personal, educational or commercial.

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4 thoughts on “Leontius of Byzantium, Against the frauds of the Apollinarists – now online in English

  1. Thanks for making this translation freely accessible to all.

    Looks like a pricey English translation of Leontius of Byzantium is now available. That will probably put a stop to any free free pd translations in the near future.

    Recently I have become interested in patristic writings, but have found that many newer translations are very expensive to obtain.

    Thanks, Mr. Pearse for your diligent work.


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