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I am still struggling away with transcribing Theodoret’s Commentary on Romans.  15 pages to go.

When I have it done, I will collect the bits of the Life of Mar Aba, write a preface and upload them as a whole.  It would be useful to know what the manuscript tradition is for the work.

I have also been playing with the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG) website.  An article on a forum asserted that some words from the Testimonium Flavianum must be Eusebian, because the TLG only returns 4 results for it, 1 from Josephus and 3 from Eusebius.  So it does, but it can’t mean what the author supposed, once you look at the results.  So I need to write a blog post on this; because, while databases are wonderful, they can mislead badly if used without thought.

I’m off to South Wales for a day or two soon.  I wonder if there is anything Roman to see?  If the rain stops, that is!


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  1. Looks like there’s Caerleon and the Roman Legion Museum, several places with old Roman forts, and Roman roads like Sarn Helen. And of course tons of post-Roman patristic Welsh saints have sites around, although how much is left of them is between you, Baring-Gould, and today’s guidebooks.

  2. There’s quite a reasonable Wikipedia article, ‘Wales in the Roman Era’, which might give you some hints. I remember admiring the remains of a Roman amphitheatre once on a sodden Welsh hillside in the pouring rain, my shoes covered in sheepshit, and wondering why on earth the Romans ever bothered to extend their mission civilisatrice to such a God-forsaken country. 🙂

  3. Thank you both.

    The question of why on earth the Romans occupied Wales is one that must have occupied the mind of many a legionary in its time. 🙂

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