Theodoret’s Commentary on Romans – online in English

Theodoret’s Commentary on Romans, part 1 and part 2, from the 1839-40 Christian Remembrancer (vols. 21 and 22) is now online.

The translation appeared in installments throughout those two volumes, and the page numbers reset when the new volume came out.  So I have divided it into two web pages.

Many of the notes are by “E.B.”, whom I presume to be E.B. Pusey.  The author of the translation is unknown to me.

The language is fake-Jacobean, as so often in Oxford Movement translations.  I had no heart to translate it into modern English.  I hope it is useful even so.

Regular readers will know that defects in Finereader 11 meant that I had to re-proof this text something like four or five times.  I am, quite honestly, glad to have got rid of the thing.  It has hung on my hands for the best part of two years.


6 thoughts on “Theodoret’s Commentary on Romans – online in English

  1. After you received a copy of part two of this work, I have been waiting patiently for the final version. Has it really been two years? So disheartening that a worthwhile project like this became such a burden. I am grateful for your work on it.

  2. It was the worst project I ever worked on; and all because of a bug in Finereader 11. The text is full of italicised passages. So I proofed the whole text, hit “Save As” .doc file, and … it erased all the italics in the text, both in Finereader itself and the .doc. Permanently. So I had to reproof it all again. And then it did it again.

    In the end I proofed and italicised a page, and then copied and pasted it out to a word document, thereby saving it. Then I did the same with the next page. And the next. I ended up with a word document that contained italics that FR11 could not screw up.

    So much pain…

    Thank you for your help and encouragement.

  3. Do you have an online link to the Greek version of the commentary on Romans? I want to check what seems to be a mistranslation of the εὐχὴν (prayer) as “baptism” in comments on Chapter 6. Thanks.

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