Theodoret’s Commentary on Romans – online in English

Theodoret’s Commentary on Romans, part 1 and part 2, from the 1839-40 Christian Remembrancer (vols. 21 and 22) is now online.

The translation appeared in installments throughout those two volumes, and the page numbers reset when the new volume came out.  So I have divided it into two web pages.

Many of the notes are by “E.B.”, whom I presume to be E.B. Pusey.  The author of the translation is unknown to me.

The language is fake-Jacobean, as so often in Oxford Movement translations.  I had no heart to translate it into modern English.  I hope it is useful even so.

Regular readers will know that defects in Finereader 11 meant that I had to re-proof this text something like four or five times.  I am, quite honestly, glad to have got rid of the thing.  It has hung on my hands for the best part of two years.