Coptic Encyclopedia, Nag Hammadi photos, online at Claremont Colleges Digital Library

Via AWOL I learn:

The Claremont Colleges Digital Library is serving some interesting open access  material relating to antiquity: …

Claremont Coptic Encyclopedia The Claremont Coptic Encyclopedia (CCE) will initially include  approximately 2800 articles published in The Coptic Encyclopedia (Aziz  S. Atiya, ed. NY: Macmillan, 1991). The CCE will continuously add  updates and new topics from the growing body of scholarship in Coptic  studies at institutions worldwide. The scope of articles includes Coptic language and literature; Copto-Arabic literature; Coptic art,  architecture, archaeology, history, music, liturgy, theology,  spirituality, monasticism; and biblical, apocryphal, social, and legal  texts.

Nag Hammadi Archive
The Nag Hammadi codices, thirteen ancient manuscripts containing  over fifty religious and philosophical texts written in Coptic and  hidden in an earthenware jar for 1,600 years, were accidentally  discovered in upper Egypt in the year 1945. … The images in this collection were taken during the excavations and translation  project of the 1970’s and record the environments surrounding  excavations, visiting dignitaries, and the scholars working on the  codices. …

The Coptic Encyclopedia project is very welcome!

The photographs taken during the 70’s project by James M. Robinson to publish the Nag Hammadi texts are of historical interest.


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