From my diary

It’s been a busy 24 hours.  Another chunk of the translation of Eusebius’ Commentary on Luke has appeared – this work now nearly done, thankfully.

As previous posts have indicated, Severian’s De pace came in.  I have commissioned another Severian, and a second gentleman has expressed interest in doing Severian as well.  I’m willing.  In fact there are homilies of Severian extant only in Armenian, and I am willing to pay someone to translate these as well.  But we’ll get there.

I also spent time trying to untangle the account in Vermaseren’s Corpus Inscriptionum et Monumentum Religionis Mithriacae of the items from Chester; but to some purpose, for I realised that in fact there were four monuments, not three, and that this had confused Vermaseren himself.

Various items scanned during the week had to be processed, OCR’d and stored away.  The British copyright libraries wanted their free copies of Origen, Exegetical works on Ezekiel.  It all takes time…

I also had to finish that translation of Bosio on the grave of Maria; because I had done too much to drop it.  And I noted in the WordPress dashboard a half-written post on Palladas, so felt I’d better finish that off.  Another half-written post on Hippolytus can stay that way!  Another post that I started, on some daft decision-making in US journals, was, I decided, really politics and so I deleted it.  For some reason I seem to have done a lot of starting posts which I don’t finish lately.

Much else that isn’t deserving of mention was done.

But it all ended with a pleasing email from Lightning Source: the Origen book has already sold four paperback copies through Amazon.  And I only made it available about a week ago.  Thank you very much, whoever you are!


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