Origen of Alexandria: Exegetical works on Ezekiel. Sermons, scholia, fragments.

The second book in Ancient Texts in Translation is now available.  This is a translation of all that Origen wrote on Ezekiel, together with the original text.  The work was translated by Mischa Hooker, who has gamely worked away at this for five years.  The results are really quite satisfactory.

I’m not sure that I actually announced this when it was released, so here’s an overview.

9780956654021-frontcoverOrigen wrote three works in which he commented on Ezekiel.  He wrote sermons, composed a commentary (almost entirely lost) and also scholia.

The series of fourteen expository sermons is lost in the original Greek, but the content is preserved in a Latin translation.  The most recent critical text, and a new English translation, are printed here.

Following these is a long section containing the fragments of his work in Greek.  This comprises the fragments of the original Greek of the sermons, together with the remains of the scholia and the single remaining fragment of the commentary.  The fragments are ordered by the chapter and verse of the bible to which they relate.

The fragments are all derived from medieval Greek bible commentaries, known as catenae.  These consist of “chains” of quotations from earlier authors.  The text as printed by Charles Delarue is used, together with other fragments given by W. Baehrens.  As an appendix a series of fragments from the Onomasticon Marchalianum are given.

The volume has been produced in order to make the translation more readily available.  The original language text is reprinted from the best available critical edition and appears on facing pages.

Somewhat annoyingly, while the project was in-flight, a rival translation appeared in the ACW series, by Thomas Scheck (who has done sterling work on the homilies of Origen).  But that is now some years ago, and his volume only contains the homilies and not the vast array of fragmentary material.

The book is available in hardback and paperback at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.  Here’s the links:

Hardback (ISBN 978-0956654021):  $80 (Amazon.com), £50 (Amazon.co.uk)

Paperback (ISBN 978-0956654038):  $45 (Amazon.com), £30 (Amazon.co.uk)

I – or rather Chieftain Publishing – can also accept purchase orders from institutions.

It is actually selling reasonably well. I’d be grateful for your support, as it did cost rather a lot of money and life-energy to produce!  The sales help to make it possible for me to commission further translations.

The intention, as with volume 1, is to place the book online once the sales drop to nothing.  We’re nearly there with volume 1 now, in fact.  So this is not a hard money-making scheme, but a way to get a translation made that will not be kept offline by greedy publishers.  I expect to lose money on it.  Your purchases reduce the amount I lose!

It’s 742 pages, by the way.  Don’t buy it expecting a slim volume!


4 thoughts on “Origen of Alexandria: Exegetical works on Ezekiel. Sermons, scholia, fragments.

  1. Roger,

    Happy Epiphany/Theophany! Thomas Scheck’s translation of Jerome’s Commentary on Ezekial has come out and I received my copy yesterday. He praises effusively your book. In fact, what is frustrating about Tom’s work (he is a friend of mine) is that in stead of quoting the Origen text he cites to your/Hooker’s book. The good new is that should help spur some sales of your book. I am awaiting my paperback copy of your book, and then will send to have in rebound in blue linen, as I have with Contra Celsum and Peri Archon. Origen is too important to leave in paperback. One really cannot read Jerome’s text without having Origen nearby, much as Heine does with Jerome’s commentary on Ephesians, placing the Origen fragments next to Jerome’s text.

    Tom’s last work on Jerome comes out this June with the remainder of the 12 Minor prophets. Tom is currently working, at my suggestion, on Chromatius of Aquileia’s homilies and treatises on Matthew.

    The Origen Psalm Homilies – CUA’s FOTC series has both the Latin ones and the Greek ones in the pipeline. The Greek ones, I understand, are being translated by Joseph Trigg. The Latin ones by a Priest at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

  2. Thank you so much for this. The Origen got no feedback, which was rather dispiriting. It’s sold modestly, and will be made available free online sometime this year. It’s great to learn that Mischa Hooker’s work is so appreciated!

    I’m glad he’s done the huge Jerome on Ezekiel. We thought about doing that but I couldn’t face it! Tom deserves every congratulation – to do these works is a huge task.

    Thank you also for the updates! It’s good to know that they’re being translated!!

  3. Roger, I just read your an Ms.Hooker’s translation of Origen’s works on Ezekiel. It was great! I loved most the scholia, fragments and notes.I had read last year Tom’s books on Ezekiel by Origen and Jerome, together with Ms.Hooker and your book we have a excellent insight into the thought of Origen. When Joseph Trigg completes his English translation of Origen’s homilies on Psalms and Mike Heintz’s translation on 9 of Origen’s homilies on Psalms, to both be published by CUA in the future. The English speaking world with have a very much needed insight into the preaching and teaching into the 3rd and 4th century church, very much needed in the 21st century. I would like to think all the patristic scholars for their English translations.Roger your website is a true blessing to English readers.Thank, and keep up the good work. Darren

  4. Thank you. Yes we are fortunate to have all these translations being made. I intend to get the Mischa Hooker translation online in the not-to-distant future.

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