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Just small stuff lately, as I am rather busy with real life.

The sample page of the translation of Andrew of Crete’s Encomium on St Nicholas of Myra has arrived.  I have passed it to Andrew Eastbourne for comment.  I’m optimistic about this one.

A post I did ages ago on whether Pythagoras ever went to India – or rather, whether any ancient text says so – has had a long and dreary series of comments from Hindu chest-beaters with no evidence.  But a commenter today pointed out a passage in Apuleius’ Florida 15, which would naturally be read as showing that he did.  So … that’s rather pleasing.

A lady in Australia has been working on the story of the Three Generals, also from the legends of St Nicholas of Myra.  We discussed the first section at some length via email, and I think it’s looking rather good.

An order via my local library for English, The Saint who would be Santa Claus, which may contain English translations of some of the Nicholas material, was rejected.  It turns out that no UK library has the book for loan.  Of course I could buy a copy: but when I recover from my cold – the seasonal joys! – I will drive over to Cambridge University Library and look at theirs.  Never buy an academic book unless you have acres of bookshelves empty!

I wonder when I shall get the chance to do some translating myself…!  I do want to do more of Eutychius.


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  1. I saw English’s book The Saint who would be Santa Claus, on Amazon here in the States for $3.50 plus $3.99 shipping and that was hardcover. What about UK Amazon?

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