A curious software puzzle

A correspondent has sent me a link to a dissertation, which, he assures me, it is possible to download as a PDF.  Unfortunately his email was vague as to how, and I simply can’t work it out.

It’s presented in some obscure online viewer software, which, to my eye, simply doesn’t have a download option.

Can anyone work out how to download the blasted thing?  It’s here.

I am reminded of the curse in The Dying Earth, “May Kraan hold his living brain in acid”.  That summarises how I feel about all these pieces of useless “viewer” software.  I merely wish that the authors of such viewers be forced to use their own frustrating creations!


8 thoughts on “A curious software puzzle

  1. Print to a PDF writer eg PrimoPDF. You will need to do this 8 times as there is a 100 page limit for printing. I tried the first 100 pages and this was successful. Unfortunately the file is file was quite large but the process was successful.

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