The use of Coptic by modern Egyptians – Anthony Alcock translates

I’ve been sent the attached PDF, which is a curiosity of great interest.  It is translated from a modern book, written entirely in modern Coptic, which Dr Alcock found on the web.

I think many of us would like to know more about how the last version of the Ancient Egyptian language is enjoying a revival in Egypt today!

(I apologise for my silence here recently.  I have been suffering from a dose of food poisoning for nearly two weeks now.  Your prayers would be appreciated.)


8 thoughts on “The use of Coptic by modern Egyptians – Anthony Alcock translates

  1. Praying!

    I don’t know what your stance on alcohol is, but whisky-strength alcohol is a traditional specific for certain kinds of food poisoning. (If you are at the point where you can keep it down.) But the fabled power of alcohol to kill off bad stuff and stop diarrhea might or might not help you. Sheesh, sounds like you have been really really sick.

    Spelt bread is also good against diarrhea. Also limes and limeade. And those popsicles designed to rehydrate sick toddlers.

    Of course, apple juice, applesauce, bananas, rice, toast, cola syrup, etc. are probably cheaper, but you might be bored with them!

  2. Thank you for your kind advice, which iscappreciated. On the other point, I don’t have a special stance on alcohol but in fact I don’t drink as I don’t like the taste. But it probably would help, if I did.

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