Severian of Gabala news: critical editions from GCS, plus an online bibliography

An Australian scholar who sometimes comments here writes with some interesting news about Severian of Gabala studies:

… the GCS people announced last year that they are going to put out critical editions of Severian’s works.  This will take years of course, but it’s only the Germans who commit themselves to such long-term projects these days.

The series was announced at the Severian conference in Belgium  last year. GCS will edit Severian’s works as part of the series (projected completion 2032). Cordelia Bandt  from Berlin talked about it at the Leuven conference.

CCSG is also planning to publish the Osterhuis den Otten edition of the 4 Job homilies (homilies 2-4 are by Severian)  and the 6 homilies on Genesis, the Greek manuscript tradition of which is currently being edited by Sarah Van Pee at KULeuven.  … am about to write to her so I will see where she is at and if she is including the 7th which Hill also translated…

The nearest I found of an official mention on their website

She also mentions:

My latest Severian bibliography, plus list of critical editions of authentic works (excluding fragments) is here:

I am missing a few entries in the biblio (e.g. a couple of forthcoming articles by Sarah van Pee, who is also editing Severian’s Genesis homilies) but it’s a living document anyway.

I think I have an inconsistency with the Armenian homilies – e.g. have not properly accounted for CPG 4245 – I am chasing that up and will correct in the next version.

Thank you, Kathie!

I notice that a search on Severian of Gabala on produces quite a harvest of articles, several by Sergey Kim.  Well worth visiting.


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