The codex Aesinas of the minor works of Tacitus now online (?)

A correspondent advised me some time ago that the Codex Aesinas – the Iesi codex -, our sole remaining manuscript of the minor works of Tacitus, is now online in high-resolution images.

This is marvellous news, obviously.  The link is here:$1i

But … just at the moment the viewer did not seem to be working for me, I should add, either in IE or Chrome.  The viewer has a facility to send you a PDF of the pages.  I’m not sure if this is working either, although I have tried.

If anyone can get this to work, please let me know in the comments.

6 thoughts on “The codex Aesinas of the minor works of Tacitus now online (?)

  1. Using internet explorer I tried using my normal email address to download the whole document. There was no response after eight or so hours. I then tried with my gmail address and the link to the document arrived an hour later. I suspect the browser used doesn’t matter.

  2. Using Firefox (on a Mac), it worked fine, both viewing and downloading entire document as pdf.

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