The tomb of St Nicholas of Myra?

Turkish archaeologists have used ground-penetrating equipment and discovered the shrine of St Nicholas of Myra underneath the church of St Nicholas in Demre, ancient Myra, according to the Daily Telegraph.  The report seems rather sketchy, and the claims likewise.  They are also claiming that the bones of St Nicholas, supposed now to be in Bari, have in fact remained in Demre/Myra, although it is hard to see how any electronic equipment could tell that.  But of course the Turks are hoping for a boost to the tourist trade, and understandably so.

Let us wish them good luck in their excavations!

Church of St Nicholas of Myra in modern Demre, ancient Myra, in Turkey.

One thought on “The tomb of St Nicholas of Myra?

  1. As far as I recall, the claim was that the majority of St. Nicholas’s relics were taken to Bari, but some remained in Myra.

    But have a look at page 126 of this fascinating book, that reports that the relics that had remained in Myra were taken by a Russian frigate to St. Petersburg – something I have not yet managed to follow up!:

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