From my diary

I’ve received the final chunk of the Vita Compilata of St Nicholas of Myra.  There are only a couple of queries, which I have sent over to the translator.  He is currently busy with the Eastern Orthodox season of Lent; but when I get them back, I will go through the whole text, revise it, and make it freely available here and elsewhere.

Anybody who uses the contact form on this blog will find that I have added a “recaptcha” thing to it.  I loathe them myself; but some cyber-criminal has discovered it and has been abusing it to send me spam.  So… I have to do this.

Germany has passed an internet censorship law, under the pretence of “anti-hate”.  According to TechDirt, it has had the predictable consequence that opposition politicians are being arrested, and even those complaining about the German PM, or even the new law itself.  Sadly such efforts are not lacking anywhere at the moment.

While politicians are endlessly eager to imprison the expression of opinion, they seem unconcerned about spam.  Dealing with spam consumes all of our time, including mine.  The cost to the economy of diverting so much productive labour must be considerable.  I could wish that our rulers were less concerned with name-calling and more with crime.


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