Please don’t contribute to Wikipedia

Another day, and another example of some quite interesting research which some intelligent person has inserted into a Wikipedia article.  I can only sigh.

Wikipedia is an example of the centralising trend of the internet, placing control in the hands of a handful of very rich men or companies.  All of them are of one background, outlook and politics.  All of them are terribly susceptible to pressure by certain political groups.  Not one of them has any attachment to any principle of free speech.  Not one of them has ever resisted attempts to silence people for their opinions or politics.  And all of those trends always go in one direction.

Tim Berners-Lee pointed out recently that all these sites, like Google or Facebook or Twitter, exist by sucking out the life of a previous free and varied internet.  If one website got a sudden urge to act like Hitler, it was easy enough to create another.  If one blogger went mad, there was always another.  Now we have monoliths, all under political control.

Don’t contribute.  If you have research, start a blog of notes and queries.  By all means get Wikipedia to point to it, to get the traffic.  But do not contribute to making the web centralised.

Suppression of information is endemic in our age.  Don’t make that easier.


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