From my diary

The weather here is incredibly hot and humid, which makes sitting in front of a computer less than attractive.  Thankfully this evening I’ve been able to do so with good effect.  My backlog of stuff to do has shrunk to around 45 items, which is a relief – it was around 150 when I finished my last contract 3 weeks ago.

A number of necessary revisions to the Mithras pages have been completed, and a couple of new pages created.

I intend to release the Origen, Homilies on Ezekiel book onto the internet in the next few days, basically as soon as the weather allows me to do more work on the PC.  I always intended that this should be freely available, and, although I am still receiving sales from it, that objective really comes first.  It will remain in print for a year, however, and then we will see.

An interesting tweet in my backlog asked why the Meta Sudans was demolished.  This was a fountain next to the Colosseum, and Mussolini knocked it down in 1936.  I’d always intended to pursue this; fortunately a Google search revealed that I wrote an article on just that subject a couple of years ago!  When Mussolini ordered the demolition, an archaeologist named Colini was given two years to document the monument, and this was published in a mere 15 pages in 1937.  A copy is available on the web, for $1 a page, but I was able to restrain myself from buying it.  It will appear for free online in the next few years, I’m sure!

I’ve got a mass of notes saved on the Acta Sanctorum, which need going through and processing.  I also need to download more volumes of this.

I’ve received a couple of offers to translate, which are very welcome.  However as I currently have no income, I would be foolish to start anything.  I hope those offers will still stand in September or October.

Not included in any of the above is a mass of material about St George.  This needs to be processed into a blog post or two, giving all the information that anyone would need.  I will get to this.


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