Origen, Homilies on Ezekiel – now available online

I am delighted to announce that Origen’s Homilies on Ezekiel (Chieftain Publishing, 2014, edited by myself) are now freely available online.  This is, of course, Mischa Hooker’s excellent translation of the Latin, and his marvellous and comprehensive edition and translation of the fragments of the Greek.  It is the best version available anywhere.

You can download the PDF with the whole book, or a zip file with word versions of the English translations, from Archive.org here.  Or you can get them below:

Enjoy, copy, circulate.  If you want to use them commercially, please contact me; otherwise do whatever you like with them!

The printed versions will remain available through Amazon for at least another year.  After that, it all depends on whether sales exceed costs.  The hardback is a frankly astonishing, massive item that I am proud to have on my shelves (n.b. I didn’t typeset or do the cover).

Links: Amazon.com in hardback ($80) and paperback ($45); and Amazon.co.uk in hardback (£50) and paperback (£30).  All are in print.  Please get your university library to buy it!  It would be nice to get back what it cost to produce!

It’s been a long road to produce this volume.  I won’t do it again; but I don’t regret it, but I learned a lot of respect for the publishing industry in the process.  And … we now have worldwide access to Origen.

I hope you like his sermons.  I wonder, indeed, whether they might be preachable even today.


10 thoughts on “Origen, Homilies on Ezekiel – now available online

  1. Mischa and Roger did an outstanding job on Origen’s homilies, think you both very much! If you read Tom’s translation of Jerome’s commentary on Ezekiel along with this translation of Origen, you will have the most exhausted study on Ezekiel from the patristic era.Thank’s.for making this available for free. I would encourage everyone to buy a hardback copy before they are gone!!

  2. Thank you so much for your work!
    It is impossible to find anything on Ezekiel from the fathers – the only ones I know are this one and the Homilies of Gregory the Great which is very expensive! In fact I put all the english bits together and printed it at officeworks – it’s a fantastic little book that I can take with me and read on my commute. Would you be interested in commercially printing such an edition? I’d love to give copies to quite a few of my friends who enjoy reading these kinds of texts to grow in knowledge and spirit together.

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