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My apologies for the sudden hiatus in blogging, and the lack of reply to some very interesting comments.  Eight days ago I had the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.  Unfortunately it has not agreed with me.  I had the standard sore arm and fatigue for a couple of days, which did not matter.  But on the third day I got a headache that I have had for six days now.  Naturally I hope that this will fade, but blogging with a headache is not really worth attempting.  Luckily for me I don’t really have to do anything.  I hope that the Lord will allow this to dissipate soon; if not, as He wills.

This means that I can’t progress any of my projects, tho; especially not the work I had in mind to do on the Breviarium Hipponense.

A couple of months back I placed an Interlibrary Loan request for Nicholas Orme’s The Saints of Cornwall.  This arrived while everything was locked down, and I obtained it from the library last week.  Unfortunately I can’t really focus to read it (!), but it is here and I have it on loan for six weeks.


9 thoughts on “From my diary

  1. Tension headache, sinus headache, migraine? Spinal? Aneurysm? Grinding your teeth at night or other dental stuff?

    You might want to poke around a bit. I mean, this is “ask your doctor” territory. I have had headaches for three days, but that was high barometric pressure doing it to my head. Six days is Not Good.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. I think it might depend on the type of vaccine I had the Oxford AstraZenica and had none of these issues. Love your site and posts.

  3. Do you know about the ASOR Webinar on Mithraism in Caesarea next Thurs 11 Mar at 7 PM EST? The Mysteries of Mithras in Caesarea with Jane DeRose Evans & Alexandra Ratzlaff

  4. I think it’s tension headaches, following some major stress. I’ve had something like this a year ago, and the doctor was of limited use. Probably I just need to relax more.

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