Tomorrow is Easter Day

It is Easter Saturday.   I do not use my PC on Sunday, so let me now wish all my readers a Happy Easter!  Christ is Risen!  Alleluia!

Many will make the effort to go to church, in an ordinary year.  But doing so under the current regulations requires booking in advance, with limited numbers.  So only a few will be able to attend.

This week some will have been busy attending daily Easter services.  These services are important, especially to those for whom following the liturgy is all.  Such people must find every element of modern society conspires against them.

But I would guess that at the moment very many people are rather isolated, just as I am.  It feels like being on Mars – a constant, slightly spacey feeling of detachment.  Even simple things are a strain.

Without imposing any burden, may I suggest that all those who have given their life to Jesus will take the time on Sunday to just kneel in prayer and sing a song or hymn of praise, however short.  God listens to our hearts, not the length of our prayers and services.

Happy Easter.  Get yourself an Easter egg, if you haven’t got one already.  And celebrate, even if you are alone.  Celebrate along with the angels, and with all of Christendom!


10 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Easter Day

  1. Thank you, Roger.
    There are some beautiful readings for Eastertide. Among my favourites are the homilies by Melito of Sardis and St. John Chrysostom.
    Every blessing this holy season!

  2. Happy Easter Roger! Please don’t feel alone – we are all together in the body of christ.

  3. Happy Easter!
    Thank God I live in a place where there are few restrictions; my church has none at all.
    Our Priest ( RC) has opted for the Triduum services from before the 20th-century reforms, which means we’ll have the liturgy as Gregory VII or Innocent III knew it. So far ( Good Friday) has been glorious, though it was odd not to have access to Holy Communion as a layman.

  4. Buona Pasqua! Auguri!
    Ved. Greg. Magn. Dial. II.1.6-7. Benedict was in his cave and did not know it was Easter until the local presbyter came calling inviting him to dinner, which as de Vögüè notes indicates that anchorites did not observe the Lenten fast (they were already on it permanently). Note also the presbyter did not invite Benedictus of Subiaco to the liturgical celebrations, but to dinner and a conversation. Roman gentlemen do that.

  5. He is risen, indeed !
    Thank you for your good thoughts (though for me and “people like me”, we will have to to wait nearly one more month). Surely, going to church has become quite uneasy, but it is not forbidden, nor is praying.
    Have a peaceful and blessed day tomorrow (and the other days also…)

  6. Although I am entirely secular, I dig wisdom wherever it may be found, and your comment “God listens to our hearts, not the length of our prayers and services” was simply beautiful. I wish more people understood their divinity in such a sensible manner.

  7. Very blessed Easter to all and thank you roger for all the insights over the years excellent

  8. Missed your work for some time. Since the 2nd of May is the Orthodox (including the Coptic) Easter, I say to you: Christ is Risen!

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