Reconstructions of Old St Peters’ from the “Altair 4” design house

An Italian computer graphics firm has created a 3-D model of Old St Peters‘, the 4th century basilica built by Constantine atop the ruins of the Circus of Gaius and Nero on the Vatican hill.  They have also created reconstructions of the site from the 1st century to our own day.  The material is all here.

1st century AD – Circus of Gaius and Nero on the Vatican Hill. Via
Late 2nd century AD – The circus lies in ruins, and a circular tomb has been built on the “spina”. Via
4th century AD – Old St Peter’s stands on the Vatican Hill. Two 3rd century tombs are on the south side. The obelisk stands on the spina of the old circus. Via
21st century AD – The modern view today. Via

Further images, videos and other media content can be obtained from the publisher, if you want something on Old St Peter’s.


H/t Twitter.