List of CSEL volumes with links to Google books

A Spanish Romanian language blog has a list and set of links here.  Most useful!

7 Responses to “List of CSEL volumes with links to Google books”

  1. Fr. Stefan

    It is not a Spanish, it is a Romanian language blog! Thanks!
    father Stefan

  2. Fr. Stefan

    Congratulations for your blog and the others sites about Church Fathers! Thank you!

  3. Fco. Arriaga

    Curious confusion betwen the romanian and spanish language…

    Salus, dear, P. Stefan!

    Salus, dear Roger!

  4. Roger Pearse

    Oops! Well, you can tell how carefully I was reading the non-English bits! I *am* sorry.

    Thank you, Fr. Stefan, for all your efforts!

  5. Greg Alms

    The blog has disappeared. Anyone keep the links?

  6. Roger Pearse

    Damn. Anyone?

  7. Roger Pearse

    OK, I’ve found a copy in Google cache. It’s now here.