Michael the Syrian vol. 2 now at Archive.org

I’ve finished scanning the 540-odd pages of vol. 2 of Michael the Syrian and uploaded a PDF of it to Archive.org here.  Archive.org are still using Abbyy Finereader 8 to OCR the text, and Finereader 9 is quite a bit better.  So I have also uploaded the output from that; a Word document, a .txt file, and a .htm file.  These are indicated as *_fr9.*.

Tomorrow I will go down to the library and order volume three, which is the final volume of the translation.  There is a fourth volume, which contains the Syriac.  I’ll worry about that when I get to it.


6 thoughts on “Michael the Syrian vol. 2 now at Archive.org

  1. God bless you, Roger. There are no adequate words for what you’ve done for Christianity, patristics, scholarship on and off the Internet and for ordinary folk in general.


  2. You’ve very kind, Robert, but your own contribution is far greater. All I do is make stuff available; you’ve translated all these treasures from Classical Armenian, got them printed and put them into our libraries — for none of us can access material in this language — and even put them online, freely accessible to ordinary people like myself. The world owes you a great debt, and I for one am conscious of it.

  3. Hello,

    Thank you very much for the digitalisation of the first two volumes. Having a copy on hard drive has been very helpful, since I am writing my master’s thesis about (part of) the Chronicle of Michael. But I was wondering if you were also going to put the third volume online?

  4. I hope to. Indeed I have vol. 3 on order by ILL from my local library. Unfortunately someone in Birmingham has the volume out for loan, and keeps sitting on it. When it arrives, I’ll scan it.

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