Patristic Greek translation tips

On ScribD there is a downloadable PDF by Charles A. Sullivan full of very useful information about working with Patristic Greek, websites, tips, etc.  It’s here.

Thanks to Robert Bedrosian for pointing out that a search for “patristics” and “syriac” will produce results of considerable interest.  The same is true for “coptic”.

You have to register for a free account, and not all material is downloadable; but much is.  I suspect at least some of this is less than legitimate; other material; such as the PDF above, is undoubtedly legal.  I was amused to discover some material from my own websites appeared, reformatted, as well (which is all to the good, of course).

4 Responses to “Patristic Greek translation tips”

  1. Jørgen Christensen-Ernst

    All very interesting. Shall be back!

  2. Seumas

    Another fine resource, you are a wonder!

  3. Roger Pearse

    Thanks are due to Robert Bedrosian who told me about it!

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