Volumes of the Acta Sanctorum online

Lately I’ve found myself looking for Saints’ Acta. I’m not sure how one finds translations.  And it’s really not that easy to find even the texts.   But I believe that the “go to” source for texts is the monster 18th century compilation, made by the Bollandists, the Acta Sanctorum.

Today I went  through Archive.org and Google Books to find what volumes exist.  Again I found Google Books nearly useless, as a way to find books. (UPDATE: there are also volumes at the Documenta Catholica Omnia site).

The original volumes did not have an overall series volume number, although the 19th century reprint on Archive.org assigned one.  Instead the material is organised by Saint’s day; if the Saint is commemorated on 1st June, then that is where the material will be found.  In turn that means that we need to know which volume contains which days.

Here is a first cut effort.  Additions are very welcome.

UPDATE: See also this site with links to the French Bibliotheque Nationale copies.