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Admin: possible changes to the appearance of the site

I may need to change the WordPress theme that I use for this site.  For some reason quoting material – which I do a lot – does not work very well since I upgraded.  My apologies if there is any oddness while I experiment! UPDATE: OK, I have reverted.  The same problems appeared in the […]

Updating the WordPress software

My apologies to anyone who tried to visit the site over the last half-hour.  I was engaged in the long-deferred task of updating WordPress (and cursing the half-written upgrade instructions).  All seems to be well now.

Soliciting donations

For some years now I have commissioned translations of previously untranslated texts.  These I make freely available on the web. A correspondent has suggested that I should make it possible for generous-minded people to contribute.  As an experiment, I’ve added a “Donate” button on the right hand side. Not quite sure how I feel about […]

Possible outages

My site will probably migrate to another server over the next week or two.  Expect some downtime on all my domains, including this blog.

International Congress on Patristics Studies, Argentina, 8-10th August

An email draws my attention to a conference on Patristics studies in Argentina on 8-10th August.  This is a little far for me, but details can be found here.

3rd British Patristics Conference in Durham in September 2010

A correspondant asks me whether I am going to the British Patristics Conference.  I hadn’t even heard of it, although a google search reveals that an email with a call for papers must have gone out in January.  The website does not reveal who is organising it, but makes a link to the “Second National Conference” apparently held […]

An Irenaeus at Lulu

A group of post-graduate theology students wrote to me as follow: I wonder if you might put in a good word for our new publication, in a single volume, of the complete English text of Irenaeus’ Against Heresies. The text is freshly re-typeset, but retains the complete translation from the Ante-Nicene Fathers series, modified only […]

2011 Patristics Conference, Oxford

The 16th International Patristics Conference (for summer 2011) is now putting out invitations for papers.  The infinitely smarter-looking web site is here. The conference takes place in Oxford.  The days are filled with papers, each of 15 minutes.  There is a book display by publishers, often with very good deals.  Accomodation is available (at a […]

Cyril of Alexandria, Commentary on John, vol. 2 now on Archive.org

A customer for my CDROM of the Fathers wrote to ask if I had a PDF of vol. 2 of Cyril’s Commentary on John, since I had scanned it for my site.  Luckily for him I had the chance to look, and found the images first shot. I’ve now uploaded a searchable PDF of this volume […]

John Damascene: “On the Orthodox Faith”

Juvenaly has written to tell me that he is producing a revised and improved version of John Damascene’s work “On the orthodox faith.”  About half of the work has been revised so far.  It can be found here.  In the past he has been working on revising the dreadful English version of Cyril of Alexandria’s […]