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Anthony Alcock: translation Wansleben’s1671 account of Coptic church

Anthony Alcock has translated a curiosity for us: an account of the state of the Coptic church in Egypt made by a certain Johann Michael Wansleben, and published in 1671.  Wansleben was a Lutheran traveller who hoped to reach Ethiopia.  His book is an account of Egypt as it then was. Here is Dr Alcock’s […]

List of volumes of the “Description de l’Égypte, ou Recueil des observations et des recherches qui ont été faites en Égypte pendant l’expédition de l’armée française”

Today I found that I needed to consult a plate in the Napoleonic Description de l’Egypte.  I had some difficulty in finding online volumes, and so I compiled the following list.  Please feel free to offer additions in the comments.  First edition (Imperial edition) Book 01 (1809), Volume I – Antiquités, Descriptions. Heidelberg. Book 02 (1818), Volume […]

More Egypt vandalism: the museum in Minya attacked and looted by Muslim Brotherhood

From the Daily Mail (h/t Nebraska Energy Observer): Looters ransack Egyptian antiques museum and snatch priceless artefacts as  armed police move inside stormed Cairo mosque Museum in the Upper Egyptian city of  Minya was broken into on Thursday. Ministry accused Muslim Brotherhood  supporters of breaking in. Egypt’s famous Malawi National Museum has  been ransacked, looted […]

The man who discovered Egypt – a BBC TV programme on Flinders Petrie

Last night, quite by accident, I found myself watching The man who discovered Egypt, an hour-long documentary on the founder of modern archaeology (and Egyptology), Flinders Petrie.  For the first time in a long time I watched a TV programme all the way through.  It was excellent! Ancient Egypt was vandalised by tomb raiders and […]

Egypt and Archduke Rainer

I wonder how many of us know the name of Archduke Rainer?  Very few, I would imagine.  Yet he played an important part in the history of Egyptology.  Archduke Rainer (1827-1913) was an Austrian nobleman, some time Prime Minister of Austria.  He is notable for his collection of Egyptological items.  In particular his collection of […]

Al-Maqrizi on the pyramids

Jason Colavito has done something great, and something sensible.  He has translated all the passages in al-Maqrizi’s al-Khitat which relate to the pyramids of Egypt and placed them online: Ancient astronaut proponent Giorgio Tsoukalos claims that the fourteenth century Al-Khitat of Al-Maqrizi (1364-1442 CE) contains evidence that ancient astronauts assisted human beings in the construction […]

Egypt kisses tourist industry good-bye — starvation to follow

As I understand it, Egyptian president Mubarak — a relatively mild ruler — fell from power because many Egyptians could not afford to buy bread.  It was as simple as that. But the unrest has been very bad for the tourism industry, which is a major part of the money flowing into Egypt.  That income dropped 30% […]

Fleshpots of Egypt to be closed down as un-Islamic?

Interesting article in al-Ahram on 13/12/2011: Salafist party vows to ban alcohol, beach tourism in Egypt Unlike Muslim Brotherhood, Nour Party promises blanket-ban on alcohol and beach tourism in event it takes power following polls. The Salafist Nour Party would enforce a ban on serving alcohol to foreigner nationals and Egyptian citizens alike if it came […]

Bibliography (with links) of Pachomian literature

Alin Suciu has collected a bibliography of publications of works connected with the 4th century founder of Egyptian monasticism, St. Pachomius.  He’s also linked to downloads.  You know, five years ago you just couldn’t have got these books! The first on the list is a publication by Egyptologist E. Amelineau.  Amelineau is a name that I came […]

A new Coptic nationalist blog

Dioscorus Boles, who comments regularly on Coptic materials here, has started his own blog here, discussing history and politics from a contemporary Coptic point of view.