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More on experimenting with Arabic and Ibn Abi Usaibia

In this post I asked if anyone had access to the following texts: B. L. Van der Waerden, “Die Schriften und Fragmente des Pythagoras,” RESupp. 10 (1965): 843-64; see also idem, Die Pythagoreer. Religiose Bruderschaft und Schule der Wissenschaft (Zurich: Artemis, 1979), 272-73. A correspondent kindly sent me the latter item today.  A PDF is […]

Ibn Abi Usaibia – the GAL entry, and the manuscripts

I have finally managed to find some hard information on Ibn Abi Usaibia (translation here), the two editions of the text, and the manuscripts of both.  What follows may be hard going; but it is almost entirely hard data. A google search turned up this site.  It gives, thankfully, the GAL reference for Ibn Abi […]

A little information on Ibn Abi Usaibia, from Ibn Khallikan

A thought struck me, to look into Ibn Khallikan’s biographical dictionary, of which an English translation exists.  The index to this is not nearly so confusing as for the GAL, and I eventually found a reference to vol. 4, p.158, where in the footnote we read: Abu ‘l-Abbas Ahmad Ibn al-Kasim Ibn Khalifa Ibn Abi […]

From my diary

I’m trying to discover whether there is knowledge anywhere that Ibn Abi Usaibia (d. 1207) did, or did not, produce two editions of his great work, The History of Physicians.  The reason that I want to know is the existence of a supposed quotation from Porphyry, extant in a version of the text different from that […]

Experimenting with Arabic, and Ibn Abi Usaibia

On p.109-10, in Forgery and counterforgery, Bart Ehrman quotes a passage from medieval author Ibn Abi Usaibia (here), supposedly about Pythagoras (as translated by Carl Ernst, from a private translation): But as for the books of Pythagoras the sage, which Archytas the Tarentine philosopher collected by himself, they are eighty books. But those that he […]

Ibn Abi Usaibia: an analysis of authority

Douglas Galbi has been working on the text of Ibn Abi Usaibia, and has come out with some interesting metrics on how the author sees the authority of various people mentioned in it. Galen of Pergamon dominates among Greek figures in History of Physicians.  References to Galen measure 0.55 on an authority index in which […]

Galen on Jews and Christians

The Roman medical writer Galen (d. 199 AD) refers to Jewish or Christian ideas in six places in his works. Some of the works of Galen involved no longer exist in Greek, and the Arabic translation has to be used.  In some cases the Arabic translation also has perished — although we know from Hunayn […]

Ibn Abi Usaibia, “History of Physicians” now online

I have finally completed the transcription of the 1954 English translation by Lothar Kopf of Ibn Abi Usaibia, History of Physicians.  It may be found here. I have divided the file into three sections, chapters 1-5, 6-10 and 11-15 respectively.  I have also written an introduction. All this material is public domain — use it […]

Ibn Abi Usaibia update

A day of misery.  I hate footnotes.  Particularly those which are positioned in some other place than the foot of each page of text.  If the notes were just a little less useful, and the work that I am scanning was accessible in any other way, then I probably wouldn’t bother. UPDATE: 259 footnotes so far.  […]

From my diary

A busy day working over the html files for Ibn Abi Usaibia.  25 of the 26 are now done.  26 contains the footnotes on the first 100 pages, added by someone else.  I need to consider how to present these.  I also need to join the first 25 files together and do some global changes.  […]