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Chrysostom quote: “How is it that you come to be rich?”

Today I saw an interesting quotation attributed to John Chrysostom, which reads as follows: John Chrysostom, a fourth-century preacher and bishop of Constantinople, wrote, “Tell me then, how is it that you are rich? From whom did you receive it, and from whom did he transmit it to you? From his father and his grandfather. […]

New translation of Chrysostom’s 3 sermons on the devil now available

Bryson Sewell has finished making a new translation of the three sermons De diabolo temptatore (CPG 4332) by John Chrysostom.  These are now available here: chrysostom-devil-bryson-2014.doc chrysostom-devil-bryson-2014.pdf And I hope they will become available also at Archive.org in due course, but their uploader seems to be having an off-day. The sermons are really quite interesting […]

From my diary

I’ve spent today driving up to Cambridge to visit the university library.  My object was to obtain some articles by R. Delmaire on the subject of Chrysostom’s letters.  For the most part I was able to obtain these; although I was disappointed to discover that the latest available volume of one serial was not shelved […]

Chrysostom, De terrae motu (on the earthquake) now online in English

Bryson Sewell has kindly translated for us all the short homily by John Chrysostom, De terrae motu (on the earthquake; CPG 4366, PG 50 713-6). It’s here in HTML form.  I have placed the PDF and Word forms at Archive.org here. The translation is public domain: use it freely for personal, educational or commercial use. If […]

(Ps.)Chrysostom, Homily on the Nativity, now online in English

Bryson Sewell has kindly translated for us a homily transmitted under the name of Chrysostom on Christmas.  This is not the better known Christmas homily, but a second one whose authenticity was defended by C. Martin. The translation of the homily may be found here: HTML at Tertullian.org PDF and Word format at Archive.org As […]

Chrysostom’s Christmas sermons – now online in English

Maria Dahlin has done us all a favour, and made available her translation of five sermons by John Chrysostom!  Here’s what she says: Now available at http://archive.org/details/ChrysostomsChristmasSermonsTranslatedAndExamined are the translations of 5 of Chrysostom’s sermons on Christmas: In Christi Natalem Diem, In Christi Natalem, In Natalem Christi Diem, In Natale Domini Nostri Jesu Christi, and […]

Chrysostom, Against the games and the theatres, now online in English

Mark Vermes has completed for us an English translation of Contra ludos et theatra (PG 56, columns 261-270), which I have put in the public domain.  I’ll make an HTML version later, but you can get a PDF and a DOCX from Archive.org here: http://archive.org/details/ChrysostomAgainstTheGamesAndTheTheatres As always, you are free to use or distribute this for any […]

Chrysostom’s Easter Sermon — an online mystery

At the Trevin Wax blog today I read the following, Hell was in turmoil: Let no one lament persistent failings, for forgiveness has risen from the grave. Let no one fear death, for the death of our Saviour has set us free. The Lord has destroyed death by enduring it. The Lord vanquished hell when […]

From my diary

Home, with piles of electronic gear.  But when will I get time to set it up?  That said, being unable to use my main machine is becoming increasingly irksome.  I’ve been looking for possible Greek texts to get translated.  There’s a little pile of sermon material by Chrysostom. Most interesting of these are three items […]

Chrysostom’s “Quod Christus Sit Deus”

Yesterday’s post on Chrysostom and the Jews led to some interesting questions about his other work, Against the Jews and Pagans that Christ is God.  These I have pursued in the comments thread. A look at Quasten’s Patrology says that the work is untranslated; but Quasten was getting tired by the time he did volume 3, […]