More Michael the Syrian

A crisp sunny morning, a free afternoon at home, and an email arrives telling me that volume 2 of Michael the Syrian is available for collection at my local library.  Sometimes it all just comes together.  I wonder how much of it I can scan today?

UPDATE: (Early Afternoon) I’d forgotten how HEAVY the volumes are.  The physical labour in picking  them up, turning the page, placing it on the scanner, turning it round, etc, it pretty exhausting.  The paper is yellow-ish, which makes for speckling when scanned.  70 pages so far, tho.  The speckling seems to affect the margins most.

It’s an interesting question, whether to trim the margins or not.  Why bulk out the file with speckled white-space? 

UPDATE: (3pm) 123 pages. Groan.  One page had a bit of foxing, which came out as black splotches in black/white scanning.  So I did that page in colour.

UPDATE: (5pm) I’m aiming for 200 pages.  On page 190 at the moment, although I had to stop when the plumber arrived.  Then I can have dinner!  Somewhere in the reign of Justinian at the moment; I saw the name Belisarius a moment ago.


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