Why didn’t Buffy the Vampire-slayer study Patristics?

Probably because it isn’t a sexy subject.  So… should we be taking steps to ensure that potential students of Patristics DO associate the two?  And, if so, what steps?

Anyone who suggests bribing them with a free copy of John Climacus The Ladder gets thrown out straight away.


One thought on “Why didn’t Buffy the Vampire-slayer study Patristics?

  1. You know I once visited the Holy Transfiguration Monastery to pick up a copy of their specially printed edition of John Climacus’ “The Ladder.” I brought along my wife, who at the time was scandalously known as my girlfriend (by monastic standards anyway). She was refused admission at the door due to not wearing a head covering or am ankle length skirt. I promised I would only be a moment, so she decided to wait in the car.

    I then entered and stupidly realized I had stumbled into the Monastery on the Orthodox Christmas day! The monks were very nice and invited me to Christmas dinner. How could I pass it up? I’m sure my wife (girlfriend) would understand…wouldn’t she?

    The dinner was simple but very nice. I spent some time on an informal tour of the monastery and then went down to their bookstore. A monk invited me to come back the next day to see the head of Justin the Martyr, but I was going out of town and couldn’t make it. All in all it was a great experience. I still haven’t made it all the way through the book though, it makes for pretty tough reading.

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