Choose your career wisely

We all hate going to work on Mondays, but in a way most of us are fortunate.  For example, on the way in to work today, I passed a van labelled “Sparkles mobile dog wash.” 

Just imagine what that job must involve.  It’s a job which means driving all over the place to wash dirty dogs.  Imagine leaning over the tub, bog-brush in hand, trying to clean the backside of some unfamiliar poodle, while the vicious little bugger tries to bite you.  “Look, he likes you!” squeals the silly owner, as you wrestle with her rottweiler, trying not to lose any fingers.

It makes you wonder what kind of alternatives the school careers advice were suggesting to him.

On the positive side, he must be the only man for whom an armoured cod-piece is a legitimate tax-deductible expense.


3 thoughts on “Choose your career wisely

  1. I don’t this is such a bad job

    If anything, at least in Greece, this kind of job pays far more than any job a university graduate could get.

  2. Just read your post and it made me chuckle. But, I must tell you that I know of at least one “mobile dog groomer” who has made quite a wonderful career for herself.

    She charges top dollar to come to you and groom your pooch. She will NOT work with biters or any dogs with disreputable character . . . in fact she works pretty much by referral only. She has a very strong clientele and they book waaay ahead fully knowing that if she need to postpone – she will.

    She is a real “dog whisperer” kind of a gal and your dog is much calmer and happier having been in her presence for the grooming time.

    She is able to be there for her kids in the mornings, gets them cheerfully off to school and is waiting with snack in hand as they get off the bus in the afternoons. She is even able to schedule her work around her kids’ field trips and school Masses and the such.

    I think she is one smart entrepreneurial chick.

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