The Antiquary’s shoebox

Bill Thayer has transcribed a bunch of out-of-copyright scholarly articles and created a subsite called the Antiquary’s Shoebox to hold them.  This sort of stuff is normally only on JSTOR, so very valuable to we helots whose duty in life is to pay for the latter, without getting access to it.

Excellent stuff.  Bill summarises the content of each article in a line or two, indicating why we care.  This aspect of the site is very well done indeed, and very useful; indeed here it is superior to JSTOR.


2 thoughts on “The Antiquary’s shoebox

  1. Whoa, I just noticed this — thank you Roger! I can even agree with you that some few of the articles might be superior than JSTOR, when I add maps or really good links; but no, not most of them. Still, as you say, making the contents of JSTOR journals available to hoi polloi can only be good. I would add that a fair number of the Shoebox articles, and even more items in my American history equivalent, are not in JSTOR at all, but dug up out of my more or less friendly local libraries.


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