Origen, Homily 1 on Ezekiel now translated

The first sermon in Origen’s Homilies on Ezekiel is pretty long.  But the whole thing has now been translated, at least in draft.  This is very good news, and means that we’re making real progress.  Most of the other sermons are much shorter.


5 thoughts on “Origen, Homily 1 on Ezekiel now translated

  1. It’s very good news indeed, I agree. Waiting a little nervously for the bill to come in — I’ve only paid for cc.1-5 so far — but the translation will be useful to men in days when all our spending of dollars and cents are long forgotten.

  2. Hey, That’s great news! Thank you Roger for what you are doing. I was wondering, has anyone counted up to see how many of Origen’s homilies are already translated to see if we focused on translating the untranslated ones how much that would cost? English translations of homilies from Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Song of Songs, Jeremiah, 1Kings and Luke number 110. I have been unable to find online how many of his homilies were translated in Joshua (B. J. Bruce, C. White – FotC, 2002), Judges (E. D. Lauro – FotC, 2009), Selections from the Commentaries and Homilies… (R. B. Tollinton, 1929) and possibly in New Fragments of the Homilies of Origen (Robert M. Grant-Vigiliae Christianae, Vol. 2, No. 3 (Jul., 1948), pp. 161-162) but this would surely bring the number up a good bit. In one of the earlier posts you pointed out that of 574 homilies, only 186 have survived. If we focused only on the homilies that had not been translated I don’t believe that we are actually looking at as big a project as we had originally thought. I agree that it would be great if all of Origen’s homilies were online and in the public domain but, I was just thinking, that perhaps since we do have a way through interlibrary loans to procure many of these homilies, it would be better if we focused on the existing untranslated ones and that would free our resources up to focus on translating other books with have never been translated but are needed in English translation.

    These are just some thoughts. I am behind the project either way.

    Thank you again Roger for what you are doing!

  3. I was able to find the information on the number of translated Homilies in Joshua and Judges. These add 35 English translations making the total number, not counting what may be in Tollinton and Grant, to be 145. We are not that far my friends!

  4. I think it’s the homilies on Ezechiel and Numbers that are mostly outstanding. The former is 1 vol. in the Sources Chretiennes; the latter is 3! But the Homilies on Numbers are one of the announced translations from IVP, so it looks as if they will do these.

    Obviously I intend to get the homilies on Ezechiel online as soon as I can (i.e. after I’ve sold a printed version) — but that leaves the problem of how to get the others where we can see them.

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