Eusebius update

I had a review of the manuscript today with David G. D. Miller, the principal translator.  This made me realise that there is more to do to it than I had realised!    It’s largely small stuff, but it needs to be done.

A couple of issues have emerged.  Firstly it looks as if some of the “corrections” of Greek that I had done are not right.  This means going back and revisiting  them all.  Secondly a division is emerging in the footnotes between those which are concerned with the text and those concerned with other points.  The idea is that the former will sit on the pages of the original language.  This will involve some rework, unfortunately.

UPDATE: After some effort, it looks as if I was panicking unnecessarily.  The corrections are nearly all just, and some of them highlight unresolved issues.  Phew!


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