Eusebius update – whole book typeset!

Rejoice!  The whole Eusebius Gospel Problems and Solutions is now in typeset form, with page numbers etc!  This is a massive step forward, and all credit is due to Bob Buller who did the job, did it very quickly and efficiently, and turned a bunch of word files into something professional.

Of course it has to be proof-read and so forth, but suddenly we have a BOOK before us.  I feel mightly encouraged by that!

Postscript from the Coptic group.  Apparently something is wrong with biblical references in their section and will need to be re-read (which will happen very slowly, I suspect).   Curses, curses!  But at least we’re now amending the final version, which is most cheering!

UPDATE: I thought I’d just check the page count — 412 pages, plus xiv pages of intro.  Phew!  That is a MUCH bigger book than I expected.


2 thoughts on “Eusebius update – whole book typeset!

  1. congratulations on the book! If you still need to get that website and you need any help let me know.

    I know you said you planned to release the book (the parts you can) online, but do you know when it will be available to buy a hardcopy? can we pre-order?

  2. I’m still learning the ropes, so there may be a few things to do that I have yet to find out about. But the book should be available for sale in a month or two.

    Pre-orders would be nice, but I’d rather not take orders just yet! Pardon my nerves, but I am new to this. Appreciate the offer, tho!

    The website will have to be done commercially I think (as will the cover design).

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