Watching the omissions in a current media story 1

After my post on how the media always identifies paedophile priests as Catholics, while suppressing mention that terrorists are Moslems and immigrants, I’ve been having some fun with media reports this evening about the attempted massacre in Denmark.  It’s a chance to play a game, actually.

The game is played like this.

  • How many use the word “Moslem”?
  • How many indicate that those responsible are foreigners?

One point for each.

Here’s the scores this evening:

  • BBC Ceefax — no mention of either, but half a point for the weasel word “Islamist”.
  • Channel 4 7pm news item — no mention of either word, so zero points.
  • Sky News digital teletext report — no mention of Moslem or “Islamist”, but one point for making clear that they’re all from overseas.  One, amusingly, is an Iraqi “asylum seeker”.

Three news reports, and 1.5 points among the lot of them, out of a possible 6!

Enjoy yourselves, and watch the truth — truth that would NOT be omitted if they were Catholics — being suppressed!


2 thoughts on “Watching the omissions in a current media story 1

  1. I noticed this most strikingly in the incident earlier this month, when “a Swede” blew himself up in Stockholm. Of course for some time France has had a problem with “youths.”

  2. It would be funny, if it didn’t point to a serious problem in our society. We all presume our TV news is honest. These events — and hundreds like them — demonstrate the opposite.

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