Eusebius update

Bob the typesetter has now emailed me the book in .rtf form.   When the translation goes online, this is what will be used to make the htm files. The rtf’s of the native languages will also get used, I suspect, probably by later editors.  So this stage of the book is done.

I’ve put out an advert for a cover designer, and got a dozen replies.  These I need to reply to, and sift through.  At least one of these has done work with Lightning Source before.

The cover image I had in mind is proving more difficult.  My email to the website where it appeared has not elicted a reply.  So I may need to locate a licensable image. 

I’ve never done anything like that, so will have to investigate.


2 thoughts on “Eusebius update

  1. You should look at the covers of Bart Ehrman’s books.
    I don’t always like what he writes, but the covers are good.

  2. Thanks for the tip — useful.

    I don’t read his books, but they certainly produce obscurantism in those who do, as I find when I encounter them online. Not a good sign.

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