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  1. They may still be repaired, bought and sold (new and used) in Greece. Sounds like you might pick one up on the internet and get it shipped.
    If you want something like this, you probably also want it to be non-electric (usable where there is no electricity or supplies, e.g. in a third world country or at the cottage).


  2. Come to think of it, I’m going to Greece in June; if while wandering around I spot any typewriters with the Greek alphabet, I’ll make a note of who is selling them.

  3. The last time I remember seeing a typewriter being used was in the early 1990’s, when I was 14 at the place I was having English class. They had an old Greek electric typewriter though even on that day it was something quite old and antiquated. I doubt new Greek typewriters are manufactured though I am certain that if you search around Monastiraki you will find an old one. Come to think of it, I might have seen one offered for sale on the street while going to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get my degree translated…

  4. Thanks gents.

    It’s not easy to find such a thing on the web. If you do a search what you get is loads of results for keyboard mappings!

  5. Try Google.gr and search γραφομηχανή – one model on sale/auction(?) is “Marathon” (surprise!).
    A recent “event” in publishing was the print edition of the 1st Greek-Japanese dictionary. Done by a colleague (RIP) he originally issued it from stencils – a massive mechanical task. I have his copy of Liddell-Scott-Jones. He had marked EVERY reference to LXX/NT in L-S-J!! Don’t
    know what Greek typewriter he used, or what became of it.

  6. swintec.com offers Greek “daisy wheels” (haven’t seen that word in a while!) – they might also have a machine on which to put the daisies…

  7. I have an old Greek Typewriter,made by Remington in Canada. Probably left over from my Grandparents. It’s just collection dust in the basement. I don’t know what it’s worth to you, but I would like a fair price. It’s heavy too and would need to be shipped, unless you live near Troy, Michigan!

  8. Billius – I might be interested in your typewriter! Could you take some photos? Do you have any idea when it’s from?

  9. I see someone was lucky on this site. If you can believe it, I am ALSO looking for a Greek manual typewriter. Can lightning strike twice? Northpamet

  10. Dear Steve Z: Great! I am in hot pursuit of such a machine. It is manual or electric? Where are you located? All best wishes, Christopher Phillips (New York City).

  11. PS: Christopher Phillips is the same as Northpamet (under which name my original message was posted). Sorry — got confused!

  12. I have a mint Olympia in green with the Greek keys for sale for $350. It is truly mint…museum quality.

  13. Dear Ilion: Sounds very interesting. What part of the country are you in? Christopher Phillips

  14. I can’t find any mention in the reference sites of the SM 3/4 model. Is there any other designation?
    ALSO: I think the Roger Pearse site is one of the most interesting places on the Internet! You really never know what you’ll encounter, and it seems to invite adventurous inquiry! Christopher

  15. Here’s a site that sells this kind of typewriter: http://mytypewriter.com/olympiasm3and4.aspx. I have the SM 4, which has the extra buttons on the space bar line (they’re for tab setting–a really nice featere). I realize now, after seeing this site, that I’m not asking enough. The typewriter I have is not in excellent shape; it’s in mint condition–as new.
    Cheers, from Fairfax, California
    PS I concur w/the R.P. sentiment

  16. Oh..I see. The Olympia had an SM3 and SM4 (I was looking for SM 3/4.) That’s a very nice machine — very tight, like a miniature Mercedes Benz! It’s amazing that each of the letters still works after all this time — hasn’t rusted, etc. (I am learning modern Greek, and I find that the hunt-and-peck and physical effort of a manual typewriter are great aids in learning vocabulary.)
    Of course I would add the cost on to the price — but would you be willing to take it to a packing place where they’ll box it up safely and send it UPS?
    Best, Christopher

  17. As I understand it, Olympia 3 & 4 are structurally the same typewriter, save the two extra buttons. The 2 and 5 models are different. Thus, this model is often referred to as the 3/4. I have 3 of these models: a Greek 4 and an English 3 and an English 4. Though all have superior engineering, the buttons on the 4 really come in handy. I went with Olympia because I could find no comparable quality for manual typewriters–ahh, German engineering–and I went with this model for the sheer romance. It’s a beautiful machine, aesthetically and structurally.

    I must add that though the typewriter is in mint condition, the case is in excellent structural condition but good aesthetic condition (I’m critical). The case has a thin plastic(?) veneer over laminated wood, and this has receded a 1/4-inch in some spots. I’ve seen the veneer removed and the wood finished on some boxes, and this looks outstanding. This was on a list to do…but you know how that goes. I mention this so all is in the light (and not is some Platonic cave of shadows).

    I appreciate you wanting to take care with this and would be happy to have this packaged and shipped by UPS. (In case you want more, UPS ground comes with $100. insurance.) Unless you know of a better way, I would call UPS, get an estimate for packaging and shipping, inform you of the total price, and after clearance of funds through Paypal send you the typewriter.

    Kudos to you for applying yourself so in learning Greek. Tangibility is key, and this is a key machine. If I weren’t a starving scholar, I’d keep it.


  18. This is great. Many thanks. What a world we live in that I should be talking about a Greek typewriter in Fairfax, Calif.
    What I was sort of hinting at in my earlier message is checking whether all the keys work well (don’t stick) and are properly aligned, problems that could come up in a machine that has been preserved as new. Presumably you have done a ςερτυθιπψ, which I am decreeing is the Greek equivalent of qwerty!
    I don’t know what the etiquette is on this site (and I hope I am not breaking it), but my direct email address is manhattanhome at yahoo. All best, Christopher

  19. I have a 1947 Royal Greek keyed typewriter. Have been able to find little to no information about it. Anyone interested?

  20. Could you send me a couple of photos of the typewriter at: dafilippou AT aol.com (replace AT with @)? Is it in working condition? Thanks!

  21. I was reperesentative in Greece for brands like adler,olympia and others over 50 years. So, i have many Greek Typewriters in stock. Adler7,Royal,Remington,olympia. I love them but because of crisis….i will think about selling.

  22. Hi:

    I am intersted in purchase a mechanical Greek Typewriter.
    Please sende me photos, cost including shipping to Ecuador.


  23. Hi:

    I am intersted in purchase a mechanical Greek Typewriter.
    Please sende me photos, cost including shipping to Ecuador.

    diegocueva AT gmail DOT com


  24. We have a 1972 Olivetti Lettera DL typewriter in Greek. It is not electric, very clean if anyone is interested. Thanks!

  25. I have a olympia (Harlan or hurlen?) typewriter it seems old and it has the Greek alphabet instead of English. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it and was possibly looking to buy it as well. I guess if anyone has any information about it or is interested in buying it contact me 17274848857—Phone #

  26. I’ve just picked up a Greek typewriter and came across this feed while researching it! Mine is an Olivetti lettera 22

  27. Hi,everybody. I’m looking for a typewriter with a Greek keyboard. Is anything on sale right now? I tried to give it a shot in the internet,but can’t find anything matching my needs…

  28. Hallo, my Love is Greek and he would love to have a greek typewriter.
    His birthday is at the 28.2.2018. So about in 3 weeks. How much does it cost ? And where are you living ? We live on Naxos (Greece).
    Thanks for an quick answer !


  29. Hi all. A good friend’s elderly Greek father recently expressed interest in writing a book. He’s not comfortable with computer word processors and would prefer an electronic typewriter. If anyone knows of a source for one in Australia or has one for sale please leave details of how I may contact you. Kind thanks.

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