Another image of the ruins of the Temple of Sol Invictus

I was surfing around, trying to locate the “Colonna gardens” or “Giardino Colonna” when I stumbled across this site, and quickly found myself looking at yet another old engraving of the ruins of the temple.  But this page is actually dedicated to the monument, and includes photos of ancient brickwork from the area.

The towers on the front of the wall are medieval, part of the Colonna family fortress.

The image comes from Giuseppe Vasi, Delle Magnificenze di Roma Antica e Moderna, book 10, plate 193, ii (1761), reprinting an image from 1565 by Bernardo Gamucci.  Apparently the Vasi book does contain another view of the ruins.

The Rome Art Lover site is itself well worth exploring — a feast of materials and photographs, and not just from Rome.


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