David Ulansey to bring out new book on Mithras?

A little while ago I read and reviewed David Ulansey’s well-known  book on the Origins of the Mithraic Mysteries.  The book has remained in print for many years now.

On his website, there is an interesting announcement:

I am also currently finishing a new book for Oxford called The Other Christ: The Mysteries of Mithras and the Origins of Christianity.

I wonder what this is.  I have written to him, anyway, to enquire.

This year, as every year, we get the less pleasant kind of atheist going around the web jeering “Jesus is really Mithras! Har! Har”.  It happens less than it did, since some of us took to combatting it, but, besides being anti-social, it does Mithras studies no good at all.  We are unlikely to establish how it felt to be initiated into the cult, while we have our minds full of anachronism.

UPDATE: 2nd Jan. 2012 — In case anyone asks, I didn’t get a reply; but of course the email address may be out of date, or he may be away.


3 thoughts on “David Ulansey to bring out new book on Mithras?

  1. Was there ever an update on this book? I can’t find anything on it. If there’s not, do you think you can reach out to him again? I know he’s really active on facebook.

  2. I reached out to him through Facebook messenger, but he doesn’t have it installed. I can’t message him on his wall bc I don’t want all my friends/family to know this stuff interests me. The messenger was at least private.

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